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Breakin' Convention Workshops at Sadler's Wells Theatre

29 - 30 April

General workshops open to everyone 7+, in exceptional cases contact 020 7863 8216 or karine@breakinconvention.com. Advanced workshops suitable for those with a solid understanding and at least 2 years experience in the style.

  • Apr 2017

    Date Morning Afternoon
    Sat 29
    12:15 pm Locking (Antoinette Gomis). Level: General.
    12:15 pm Power of Adaption (Redo). Level: Advanced.
    12:15 pm Pantsula (Soweto Skeleton Movers). Level: General.
    02:00 pm Breaking (Cheerito). Level: General.
    02:00 pm Popping (Geni Lou + PAX). Level: General.
    Sun 30
    10:30 am Breaking Conditioning in association with Dance UK (Nefeli sMash). Level: General.
    12:15 pm Movement with Spoken Word/Creative Writing (Tom Tsai). Level: General.
    12:15 pm House (Yugson). Level: General.
    12:15 pm Experimental (Tentacle Tribe). Level: Advanced.
    02:00 pm Waacking (Antoinette Gomis). Level: General.
    02:00 pm Top Rock, B-Bop (Ducky). Level: General.